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Chris Jones


Chris Jones, with over 15 years of experience as a Chief Executive Officer across various industries, brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record to Granite Peak Ventures. His journey is marked by a series of successful entrepreneurial ventures, founding several companies and steering them towards remarkable growth. Chris's approach to business consulting is deeply influenced by his structured mindset, a trait honed during his time as a United States Marine, and further refined through practical experience and implementation in the business world.

Chris's expertise in General Business Consulting is extensive. His strategic planning skills are second to none, enabling businesses to chart a course for success with clear, actionable plans. He excels in organizational restructuring, understanding the nuances of change management, and guiding companies through transitions smoothly and effectively. His ability to conduct thorough market research and approve strategies that align with business goals is a testament to his meticulous approach.

In financial analysis, planning, and forecasting, Chris demonstrates an exceptional ability to navigate complex financial landscapes, providing insights that drive profitability and sustainability. His focus on operational efficiency encompasses a comprehensive review and restructuring of policies, procedures, and business structuring, ensuring that organizations operate at their peak. Chris's expertise also extends to managing corporate downsizing strategies with sensitivity and strategic foresight.

His skills in market strategies and implementation planning are about creating plans that are not only innovative but also executable and results-driven. Chris understands the importance of compensation structuring for all roles and responsibilities, ensuring that talent is rewarded and aligned with the company's objectives. In the realm of digital transformation and technology integration, he is adept at guiding companies through the digital landscape, ensuring they leverage technology for maximum impact.

Chris's proficiency in quality, regulatory, and compliance issues ensures that businesses not only meet but exceed industry standards, maintaining a competitive edge. His approach to cost reduction is comprehensive, involving vendor qualifications, quality compliance, and cost savings analysis. He is skilled in conducting RFP feasibility studies, structuring, and oversight, ensuring that every aspect of procurement and vendor management is optimized for cost efficiency.

In Franchise Consulting, Chris brings a unique perspective, combining his extensive business acumen with the specific needs of franchising. He is adept at conducting feasibility analyses, reviewing documentation, and ensuring compliance with state, federal, and FTC regulations. His expertise in structuring and financial planning for franchises ensures that both franchisors and franchisees are set up for success. Chris's skills extend to technology integration, supply chain contracting, and the development of standard operating procedures, ensuring that franchises operate smoothly and efficiently.

Chris Jones is more than a consultant; he is a strategic thinker, a problem solver, and a visionary leader. His diverse skill set, combined with his structured approach and practical experience, makes him an invaluable asset to any organization seeking to navigate the complexities of the business world and emerge more robust, efficient, and successful

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