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Mina Mustafic


Mina Mustafic, as the President of Granite Peak Ventures, stands as a beacon of inspiration and visionary leadership. Her journey to the helm of this dynamic consulting firm is marked by a deep-seated passion for fostering business excellence across various industries. Mina's vision for Granite Peak Ventures transcends conventional consulting paradigms, focusing on delivering comprehensive solutions that address the entirety of a business's needs.

Under Mina's leadership, Granite Peak Ventures was established with a clear and ambitious vision: to provide holistic business solutions that are not just about implementing systems and processes, but also about critically evaluating performance both prospectively and retrospectively. Mina believes in the power of calculated planning and outcome measurement. This approach empowers business owners and management teams with critical data, enabling them to make informed decisions, identify operational inefficiencies, reduce overhead, and much more. Her philosophy is that a well-informed strategy is the cornerstone of business success.

Mina's expertise in adopting and implementing programs, services, and products is a testament to her understanding of what drives a business's success. She thrives in helping companies establish, streamline, and evaluate their performance against their mission and goals. Her approach is not just about adoption but about integration and alignment with the company's core objectives, ensuring that every initiative undertaken is a step towards overall business excellence.

Her background in management  and as a program director has been instrumental in shaping her approach to business consulting. Mina's experience in building programs from the ground up, coupled with her astute management skills, is regularly leveraged within Granite Peak Ventures. She has a unique ability to see the big picture while paying attention to the minutiae that can make or break a program's success.

In addition to her broader consulting roles, Mina also brings her expertise to the healthcare sector, supporting clients with reimbursement support, program establishment, and cost containment strategies. Her experience in customer satisfaction, from implementation to evaluating the performance of initiatives, reflects her commitment to not just meeting but exceeding client expectations.

Mina Mustafic is more than the President of Granite Peak Ventures; she is the driving force behind its mission to revolutionize business consulting. Her vision, coupled with her diverse experience, makes her an invaluable asset to any organization seeking to navigate the complexities of the business world and emerge more robust, efficient, and successful.

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